Reviews for "Fede's Adventure Demo"


I agree with most of the commenters that this was a great little game, but tat you should add a small jump animation.

Really good for a demo! :D

Pretty good

That was fun. Nice hit detection/flooring in there too.

Some suggestions:
1. Add more diversity to the sprite's movements, it almost looks like he's standing still the whole time.
2. Make the gravity stronger, he stays airborne far too long. (I think it might be better for him to not jump quite so high as well, but that's less important and is completely your choice.)
3. Change the grass up a bit, so the player doesn't just see a sea of green. Make a top layer where the player walks on, like in Super Mario World. Not so important to gameplay, but more visually appealing.

Hope my thoughts are useful to you,

Demo or prototype?

There is lots of space for improvement if you want to make a decent game.
1: Bigger view. The view is too close, you can't see much.
2: Figure out how to climb ramps. The character can't climb ramps with the move right key alone.
3: Make enemies and weapons.
4: A little more depth? Give it a plot and maybe rpg elements so people can jump higher, have more powerful weapons etc.. That's always good.
5: Better movements. The character just wiggles his feet when he moves, you have good graphics already so I think you could do that.

fede1920 responds:

Yes , i know it has problems , i'm not very good with Actionscript YET XD

eh, its okay.

I'm impressed you made it in flash... i could never get the hang of AS though I hear AS3 is a lot better for programming perpouses. it was, well, very very basic, but a good solid start. controls are too precise... for lack of a better word... add some float to his movements. instead of just moving when a button is pressed, give him some momentum so he doesn't just stop dead when a button isn't pressed. it was most noticable when jumping. I'd let off a key and his movment left or rigtht would just cease to exist. other than that, I'd say you've got the basics of a platformer down. but his animations were somwhat unnoticable, however. I couldn't tell he had any walking animation at first. i understand its a demo, but animations are typically complete during teh "demo" stage.

fede1920 responds:

Thanks for the advices , and yes i also noticed that his movements are not quite noticable . I'm starting now with the full version and i will try this time to improve and correct all the mistakes that you all and myself have noticed

I'll wait for the game

Fair demo, and although the game isn't about animation, I'm pretty sure it would do your character much good. As for the rest, what the full version will include is pretty darn promising.