Reviews for "allien invasion v1"

wayy too hard...

good game but ease up the difficulty... you get money fast enough to keep up with the waves of enemies so fix that to make this a great game
5/10 3/5


i like this one alot. its a defense game mixed with an RTS.
However it does move a little slow

I really like it!

It's a good defense game! good animation, good controls, but you need to tweak it a bit. I think you need to earn money a bit faster, because I coudn't get enough units to defend my base before I got overrun.

It's a good game, And I think It will reach the front page if you fix it up a bit.

Very good start

I think it needs a speed up button and there should definately be more money,I would suggest various difficulitys so you dont get people saying it too easy,I think when this is finished it will be a very good game,I cant see this not surviving to be honest.