Reviews for "allien invasion v1"

Needs work

Bugs first, as someone else said, units freeze under heavy fire. You also seem to have some width related bug for your health bars, when viewing them with turrets firing, they wobble about in size as the animation plays.

Otherwise the game is FAR too slow, I click something and then wait 2 minutes before I can do anything else, I only played beyond the first level because you wanted some feedback on the wider game, it was boring.
Turrets are too good / units are crap, the zap tower appeared to be useless, it zapped too little and didn't do much damage, why so expensive? It also couldnt defend itself against far away enemies who stopped to shoot it...
Keep tweaking : ) good luck with the final game

Well Designed

The overall game felt like it was set at normal or maybe a step above normal.
The beginning gave you a bit of slack but then became increasingly difficult. (IE: well balanced)

I felt that this game was very enjoyable, despite the learning curve. The game tested my wits at every level (except maybe the first few.) I eventually was forced to set up defensive positions and held out until the enemy mortors crushed my ranks. (Wave 9) I think that this game is very good as it is currently.

-tutorial as it took me a couple tries before I could make it past the first few levels.
-easier level for players who don't really want to be stressed
-the ability to select multiple units
-upgrade system (IE I kill 10 green Martians with my marine, he gets a slightly better gun)
-mines regenerate (after I mined those that I could, I felt the miners were useless except for suicide bombers 5dmg :D)

Some hints for newer players:
-Rush the aliens with your 2 marines in the beginning and warp a miner to steal their rock. Be prepared to heal your units and warp in more marines near the frontier. I found that healing was a must.
-Turrets have more range then their soldier counterparts but appear to have less accuracy. (+ they cost more ):)
-Missiles have splash, but they can hurt allies.
-(?)Each unit type has a weakness. (the missilers took 6 damage from my missile ret while only 3 from my sniper)


got to wave 11 and gave up it never ends lol was fun wwhile it kept repeating you should put sum upgradeable weapons new monsters and a way that tell u that u past a lvl beside that good work lol

Man, make it accessible. Balance. Need fun.

looks promissing and interesting..

--tip -- build turrets early. They have slightly better range than marines, 1 armor.
Btw, their HP bar seems bugged.
Missile turrets have small range, miss often, and do weak damage- Avoid.
Tip -
(figured it by myself) Miners produce 2 gold per second when on yellow patch of soil that look like a pile of yellow stuff.

Tip- you cant win wave 9. Its a massive player killer, instant-game over. unavoidable. Ruined the little fun and personal goal of testing everything and giving some feedback right there... Frustrating.

i barely have time to understand the basics of basics that i get horribly crushed after a few tries and and a couple minute of play. I can understand its "alpha" release of sort.. but it would be better to test it and balance it with your friends before sending it in.

Make difficulty more gradual. Dont send shooters too early since they drain a good deal of resources from you. Right now its too much, too fast. ONE mistake, and we lose.

The balance heavily favors turrets since units are weak and expensive.

make some things upgradable.

"instruction" page is cluttered, confusing, and vastly incomplete.. make it longer but it gives precise yet detailed information on EVERYTHING (i hate having to guess and waste time doing trial-and-error games, i want to see damage, hp, armor, range, production, tips, ect)

build spots are the craters.. that.. is weird. why do i have a bunch of builings clutered together at the back then? I want to build my stuff where i want... yet within a limited build zone. Limited max buildings will prevent abuse.

when a unit is selected and we click on spacebar, it should deselect.

"passive" behavior = wont do a thing to save its skin.. i dont see the point of it being there at all.
Aggressive: Run ahead to its doom. Not usefull since we cant afford to send troops.
Defensive: shoots at stuff in range. Like a turret.

stuff that need answers -
How can miners be used? Where do they mine? What does it give?
I didnt have time/cash/patience to try.. but i believe that long-ranged units will horribly own the battlefield. Especially when the ennemy will use them.
Cash flow is impossibly slow. Kills should generate a bit of income (a bit, dont make it the main source)
Troops and stuff should --slowly-- regenerate. Especially units.. or have a "medic" unit.

I keep saying that but.. units are a waste of ressources with the current income. Make individual human units stronger than their alien equivalent.

Bombs need a living ennemy target.. but then it is useless since it WILL miss.

heal beam is weak. make it stronger.

Heavy ennemies shot by more than one turret freeze.

i want to sell turrets, but i cant!

Too Hard

I agree with everyone here. There are not enough resources to get past the later levels. I only made it to level 9 with one alien mortor guy left then I died. It either needs to give resources for kills, the generators build up resources faster, or put more mining spots behind the base there. If that is fixed, this could be a very good defense game.