Reviews for "allien invasion v1"

Awesome game

great game! very challenging with a nice learning curve, it kicks your ass the first few tries but after you learn the rolls of each unit it gives you a nice bit of freedom to play around, a good strat is to first build a miner to get the gold and set the two marines side by side, build a generater next then build two missle turrets in the front, if you build five generators and fill the rest of the slots with mortar turrets you can just spam troopers and marines and set em to agro and rush the enemies constantly, i made it to wave 18, definatly a must play though

Too slow paced after level 15

The balance isn't that great, but it's a fairly solid game already. Despite what the other players say, I found the game to be not challenging at all, and I liked the money system except for the miners, who get wasted too quickly to have value.

My biggest pet peeve: after level 15 or so, the waves are just too freaking long. Level 20 lasted at LEAST 20 minutes. I played until level 22, then I just quit because I was starting to doze off during waves.

My strategy: 4 gun turrets up front, could be replaced constantly, 4 huge mortars, to take out the mortar aliens, 3 generators (plus the one you start with, totaling 4), 13 mortar troopers just outside the range that the mortar troopers hit when they fired on the gun turrets.

As long as you replace things as they fall, you can't lose. Don't bother healing; it's more expensive than building a new tower. Money is no issue this way, as long as you build up slowly but steadily. The money cap at 1000 is kind of irksome, but doesn't really negatively impact the game.

I would recommend you take the emphasis off of mortars. The entire game was played through using solely mortars and I had no reason to switch it around. Any trooper using a gun was instantly scrapped by the enemy mortar fire, making them useless. It seemed that there were only two types of enemy troops: "mortar" and "I don't give a shit, this guy can't hit me because my mortars will scrap him"

Have you considered fast enemy troops? Something that would move just too fast for the mortars to hit would require the player to build up their gun strength. Also, try to think of a way to fix the fact that every type of human unit is useless except for the mortar once the enemy mortars roll out.

What the hell does the $300 tesla coil do? I had one for a few minutes, it did nothing, and I eventually just ion cannoned it to death in order to make space for a normal gun turret. If I were you, I would cut that out completely and instead i would add some kind of healing station or shield generator for infantry.

Finally, the support stuff is totally useless. Healing doesn't heal enough, and only the ion cannon packs enough punch to make it worth using every once in a while, when your mortars are seeming particularly inept.

While I'm here, I figured I'd point out a bug you have. When you click to place a turret or a unit, a blue circle appears, but your unit count does not yet go up. While that is in place, you can make more units, even exceeding the limit, until the units finally appear and reach the limit. it's possible to have all of the craters filled in this way, and possible to have 2 or 3 men above your maximum by quickly adding units before the blue circle turns into your unit. You could fix this by making the unit/building count go up when the blue circle appears, instead of having to wait for the unit to appear completely.


I think many people forgot to utilize Generators, which each give you one gold per second. I built up 5 in the back of my base, and made it to wave 14. I ended up making over 8000 in the end when I died. but yes, Enemy motars finally did me in as I couldn't keep up with heals AND cluster bombs on opposing motars. There should be a way to upgrade your own troops so they can take more hits and deliver more carnage.

I also used 3 artillery to back up my troops, which do massive damage and can reach the enemy mortars. I started off with a miner and a gen to get money fast, then built some gun turrets to hold off a few more waves so I could then pile in the genny's. Then went on with heavier firepower from there. Wish I could upgrade the range on the snipers and have them choose to focus on enemy mortar. I dont like the randomness ;)

I liked it, quite decent.


It's a fun game. Died the first time I tried but the second time I got to wave 13 got bored and jest let the game run w/o healing. Eventually on wave 15 they destroyed all my turrets and I lost. On a side note I found out that your gold stops adding up once you hit 1,000 gold. It's a good game but it gets boring.

Monetary concerns.

Not too bad of a game, in my opinion. It has potential. One of the biggest concerns I see is how you gain money as well as the cost of units.

One unit of money per second is not that bad in itself, but when the weakest unit you can purchase costs eighty credits and then goes out to die after taking only a few hits, we have a problem.

There's no real reason to use infantry over turrets, it would seem. Turrets not only have a longer range and pack a much larger punch than infantry, but they're much more durable for the amount that they cost.

My suggestion to improve the game would be to increase the rate at which you gain money and decrease the cost of infantry, maybe even make it so that you gain a certain amount of credits per kill. But other than that the game seems fine. Like I said, it has potential.