Reviews for "allien invasion v1"


Its pretty fun. But I got bored around level... 19? o.o

pretty fun vor "v1"

Everyone has similar reviews, and they're pretty right. I would assume that this would be upgraded considering the "v1" in the title. Next time, include instructions on how to use characters and what character purposes are for. No one would really understand that miners need to be either placed or moved towards the yellow pool of money-making spots. Also, due to the immobile spot choices for the turrets, it's difficult to get whatever the miner's mining. The "shocker" and that giant shock tower are expensive and short range, making a bad combination to even think about spending money on. The missile turrets are fun to watch and temporarily stun enemies but are still slightly more expensive than their worth. The marines make for great meat shields on the go when guiding your miner but enemy numbers make even having a meat shield, although sadistically comical, pointless. The support ability to heal is worth the same as a marine but doesn't heal a marine all the way. If your weakest character is going to die, you might as well make another one; there's almost no strategical point in keeping a tower alive; you either have enough money to support the tower or you're about to die.

Additions I'd probably like to see are miners having the ability to dig those holes to create spots for "buildings" to be built upon. After all, the miners so far only have two abilities: mining for a gold per second until cache is gone and becoming a meat shield. It would be nice to see the addition of building walls, and even huts for your characters. Laying down traps would be nice, although most RTS/tower defense games here usually make them more expensive than their worth. Also, try thinking about flaming turrets, Molotov cocktails, flame throwers, napalm launcher, or a napalm-launching turret; fire is a fun aspect. Electric fences, visible or otherwise, would be a great addition, considering you already have electricity in your game. Of course, what can the aliens have? I noticed that they spawned out of nowhere while you have a base. Do they have some ship somewhere that teleports them? If so, why not the inclusion of vehicles? Of course, this all falls within actual RTS games and adding every little detail would prove difficult. Still, with all this games perks and flaws, it's not bad; just rough around the edges.

One cheap strategy is building one generator in the beginning, make enough money for a turret, and then figuring out a way to fill most of the spots with generators. Once enough money is made, destroy all the generators and replace with houses (the reason to make generators is to make quick, easy cash). Once enough houses are made, go with either your human motar men, or my personal favorite, overfilled sniper team. Of course, once all the houses are made and the people are set, destroy the houses. With the houses gone but the players still on the field, it's a good glitch *suggestion to creator: fix the loophole*. Once those are all gone, it's time to set up nothing but "giant artillery". If you have the time and patience, look for alien motars and choose either to ion cannon or cluster bomb them (the cluster bomb is for those with more money and who want more "bang" for their buck, as well as hitting even -more- than an immediate circle, thus saving yourself ten points of money). Of course, if anyone has the time and the patience to try such a suicidal strategy, by all means, have fun with it.

needs work

yeah i agree with everyone here on what they say except for the level 9 one i maneged to get to level 26 i died because theres not enough time for me to get myself situated and i was bored of kicking the aliens butt

Well then

After RandomRedux's superreview below, there's not much I can say, but the main things I would have fixed/added in this game right away would be an upgrade system, and a little more variety in enemies and such. More cash to play with would be fun as well.

Good game

Since it was just endless waves, I just set my dudes up to stationary and picked off stuff as it came near. The others are right, the turrets are far more powerful than the marines, but the marines can at least move forward to nail any leftover mortar enemies if needed. However, with a steady mix of generators (near back), stationary motars (middle), and turrets/missles in front, the base pretty much holds itself.

My biggest beef is a) there's no "sell" function (which would let you swap out lesser units for better ones), and b) a house requires 1 housing unit to build (?!?!?). I realized that after I maxed out my housing, and couldn't build another house to take care of the issue. Seems odd. Otherwise, very nice game, and definitely has potential for expansion.