Reviews for "Cuntilda Ep. 2"

its differant

i especially love your colorful vocabulary, i look forward to your next flash.


Your animation has that minimalist-but-done-in-a-great-way quality to it. The characters are over-exagerated and just hilarious. I loved the pervy guy in the store. Genius!

unauthoredhoax responds:

Yeah, that guy's unfortunately going to come back as a recurring character.
His name in the script is literally "creepy pedophile".


Ahahah, nice work!


Like the sound of the cyberspiders death from DOOM II AT THE VERY END WITH THE UFO!

unauthoredhoax responds:

Yeah, I'm wondering how many peeps will pick up on that reference.

HAha! More, more!

The drawings are really funny! Some of the motions are really good. And I like all that mindless swearing and sick ideas.
You HAVE to keep on with this.

unauthoredhoax responds:

Trust me, I will. I already have ideas for like, another three episodes, lol.