Reviews for "Cuntilda Ep. 2"

Vaginal wart removal... :|

I'm glad there was no ear rape in this one. You should've totally kept this series going, it's funny as fuck.

Favorite Lines:

What size do you need? IREGULAR!
Both of you, get the fuck out of my store! You too!

But if you piss me off my fist with PENETRATE YOUR ASS!

Gruesomely hilarious

I saw a Fan art of this by Hotdiggetydemon and looked it up. The content and punch lines are, as said in this title, gruesomely funny. I watched them both a couple times. Just completely random, off the wall, madness. Thanks for sharing some of the amusing, and twisted, ideas you've thought up.

Dark, Dirty and funny.

fucking epic. For the love of irregular sized condoms, please make another. And don't change anything because people are bitch. except, uh, for making more and not changing. 5/5
The world needs more creative artist like yourself. 10/10

u rock bro

More Cuntlida
that shits fucking haliours

you make it ill watch it

i personaly Midd the screaming NORTH DAKOTA but up to you ethier was fucking awsome and i love the Brother Ashely haha shit was great