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Reviews for "Dreams."

good work

i once had a dream when i was in a tv shop in the middle of the desert
and another one when a killer was taking the kids eyes in the school i
used to go to oh and one when a cat was skateboarding and a building
was a plane BUT it was great good work

Lol the golden eagle part was the best.

Sqaw?....anyway it would have been funnier if it was random like the golden eagle part. other than that i didn't laugh much.


That's all I gotta say. This guy's dreams make mine look stupid... I sleep boring...


The golden eagle did it for me!! LOL!!

emh.... good on redmask.

its quite simple its a yes and a no.

yes: because if u fall asleep u can get nightmares of stuff u dont imagen.
or freakin stange dreams.

no: if ur laying in bed with ur eyes closed (not sleeping)
then u can make ur own sorta imagened dreams.
P.S. if u sleep it looks like time goes very fast
so it are very short sorta like this dreams.