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Reviews for "Dreams."

Reminds me of a dream.

I was sitting in school and some kid turned into a lizard and started peeing on my test. Then a man ran in and said, "I like pie!" and exploded. Then a blind man with a cane walked up and said, "Hey! Look at that!"

Nice one. I love it.


hilarious vid.,
i've never had a dream like this...very trippy.
[i am...GOLDEN EAGLE.]
5/5 | 10/10

I swear

If ya'lls video's were even awesomer then the woorld would explode.

Just awesome.

Just, wow.
Reminded me of my life in this one flash!
Hope to se more like this. Keep it up.

Would you like to awnser the qestion?

I am Golden Eagle! LMFAO!!!