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Reviews for "Snowmance"

This is not a Review:
I'm thinking about using this song in a video on YouTube, so I wanted to ask if I could get permission to use it. So what do you say?

SasquaMox responds:

You have my permission!

Its sooo bright and cheery, it almost makes you want to dance.
Loving this loop, downloading this for my personal collection.

Also may I use this track for our church countdown?

SasquaMox responds:

Yes, of course!

This song is amazing! It really packs some emotion. I can't listen to it and not be happy :D

Say, can I use this for a NG animation? I promise to make it awesome enough to match the song :)

SasquaMox responds:

Of course!

Well done! May I use it for background music for my podcast?

SasquaMox responds:

Thanks! And yes!

I heard this song and I Think it is perfect for my game of Christmas.
Is a soup search, nothing special (?) xD!
I will release it soon...