Reviews for "The Insanity Box"


Props for turning out a well-coded and well-conceived game all by your lonesome! Oh, and pay no attention to the guy below me, he's a meth addict.

poxpower responds:

Haha thanks.
I learned a lot doing this!

Like: submit your game at 11pm, not 9pm!

<3 <3 <3


i accidentallty pressed tab during the "try to stop me" thing and it made me restart so i was like fuck it im done and then i wrote this reveiw of your game its nice i like it you fucking bitch

poxpower responds:

haha the Tab button has kicked everyone's ass.


On #80 I right-clicked and was going to click on Forward, but accidentaly clicked Rewind.

Fuck me....

poxpower responds:

You're lucky you didn't click "zoom-in"

what the hell

thats not how you make a burger lame

poxpower responds:

That's ONE way.

wooot! saved the brain :D

my LEAST favorite level was the "hold on: Loading" one xD

i left it going for like, 10 minutes before i decided i actually had to do something haha