Reviews for "The Insanity Box"

Haha, sweeeeet

its like the wii games. fun and you have to think quick!

Not bad

Impossible quiz meets four second fury. A glitch, though: My third time through, on the question right before the one about donut blood, I died and the game kept going but the Game over sign popped up and sat there.


It was fun... I like these kind of endurance games on the computer. nice job

Note: i loved grabbing those melons.. Oooh la la..

No... just no.

He's not pissed because he got raped by your game. I see the exact same problem. Combining the fast paced games of WarioWare with the insane logic of the Impossible Quiz does not a good game make. The game was awkward in it of itself, and I didn't want to continue after a handful of tries. The Impossible Quiz and WarioWare did that much, kept the player coming back. This... does not.

poxpower responds:

admit it friend/alt account of last guy. You plain suck at this.

Now lets get something straight.

You've got the point of the WarioWare games. You got the length of the Impossible Quiz, and the difficulty. Now that we have the good out of the way lets tell you where you went wrong.

First off, in the WarioWare games the objectives are clearly given to you before each game, in a fairly standard format. You did none of this. I often spent precious seconds trying to find out the objective. The words to the objectives should NOT flash. For obvious reasons that can be found on Google.

Secondly, combining the two elements of these two games you killed both of them. You took away the simple fun of the WarioWare games, and you took away the ability to reason through the unorthodox questions of the Impossible Quiz. So you've effectively removed the unique aspects of both games.

Now that being said the graphics per game were nice. Also, their were a lot of them. It has the potential to be a good micromini game collection, but it's not.
Nice try. Spend an extra month in group testing next time.

poxpower responds:

Haha someone's pissed that he got raped by my game.