Reviews for "The Insanity Box"

Great game!!!

Nice game and the last level is rly cool and here r some cheats of the game: Clocks stop: noclocks infinite health: lifeget level skipper: skippy

awesome game

its official, i have spent way too much time on this game and can play it all the way through without losing a life. I'm not sure whether i am proud of that or not...but it fun and keeps the mind busy for a while...what else can i ask for?

A tougher Wario Ware clone

Great game, very Wario Ware-esque overall, from the difficulty up cutaways to the random challenges. It would have been a lot better without the random questions though, they just detracted from the overall enkoyment when the answer was just as random as the question. Still, great game!

lol i is a cheater

Great game, but i didn't like the "whip jesus" lv, not the greatest :(
But otherwise good game!


This puts Impossible quiz to shame, loved it. & oh my fucking god thank you for infinite lives, idk if i could have beaten it without them (though atleast I beat every goddamned level you gave me) Wellplayed.