Reviews for "Choose Your Weapons 3"

Good Job

A good game and effort. I can truthfully say i love monkeys and the fact that this one glows makes it really cool. Onto more technical things, the sound was good and the graphics moderate. Nice array of weapons and enemies, i like the fact the certain weapons need to be used on certain enemies, it keeps gamers from just getting the next weapon and spamming it, instead they have to actually think about what they are fighting. Overall a good game and great effort. Hope to see another installment that is improved and even more creative.



wtf was that

this game just plain stinks. sorry. for one the controls are horrible. q and a to shoot and the tail button. how is it possible for me to shoot and move with the combined controls. why didnt you just make it a click and shoot that would have been much better. 3 out of 10 for effort

pretty fun

for a platformer this pretty good, the only real complant i have is that once you get all the wepons it gets a little to easy but besides that great job.


I loved it although it did glitch and needs some more work i liked it. i liked the other ones you made and hope for another

Pretty damn fun

nuf sed.