Reviews for "Choose Your Weapons 3"

Really fun!

The beginning animation was awesome how the virus steals the tank! It's cool that you can blow it up with the 10th weapon. BTW, I found the hidden easter eggs...cool feature. 5/5

Yes it was intentional

On the first toaster level theres a background toaster with some sort of paper on the mid left and if u touch it u get all the weapons

Good, but...

Now, let me set this straight: I am a fan of the "Choose your Weapons" series. That being said, there are a few points present in the first game which I had hoped would be fixed by now, namely, the extremely similar levels and the lack of an easy way to switch weapons. Greater level variation would motivate me to keep playing beyond 20 or so levels, and a button to toggle through weapons instead of using the number keys would eliminate situations in which the player dies because they can't swap weapons quickly enough (Some of us can't use the A-S keys, arrow keys, and number keys at once...)

On an unrelated note, I noticed that a few levels in, (the first level featuring the large flying toaster) something like "Acquire all Weapons" flashed at the bottom of the screen, granting access to all of the remaining weapons...was this intentional?


i have played 1,2,and now 3.loved it please make a 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stop recycling.

I'm getting sick of this game being the same thing over and over again. Sure it's nice to use all these weapons, but they don't feel much different then the each other, the only weapon that litterely made me say "OH SHIT" is the nuclear anti-virus bomb. But generally this game tops the unforgiving charts in my book. You only get 3 lives, and no continues, and it's a long game, I could only reach the 28th level before I got sick of it, level select really needs to be in the next game, and also just tell us how many there are in total. And every level feels the same, and the spike level with the tail whipping, is just plain unforgiving, face it, the tail whip isn't accurate enough to do a level like that.

Here are some suggestions:

Make the tank have a bigger range of fire.
Make the tank effect enemies (if it did, I didn't notice.)
Be able to destroy the tank (would be epic.)
Go to a level design course.
Get some folder climbing animations.
Get some more variety in weapons.
Make some computer like things hinder, or help your progress (maybe you could use your mouse to help out.)

This game is promising, but it really needs to stop being the same thing over and over again and be different.