Reviews for "Choose Your Weapons 3"


its was aright but keep up da good work!

ok. i guess.

Good work, fun, but needs improvement. this is basically the first game with a couple of new features thrown in.

=/ another one huh?

Well I've reviewed the other 2 so I guess I should keep it up and again there's no real major enhancements to speak off.

Sure there's better music, but you've reused old levels, flooded the maps with random enemies so the player either herds them together in one go kills or dies in seconds. The enemies with health bars climbing, glitch half the time and never reach you, once again the only weapons worth using are 2,6 and 7 however there is also 9 (which almost single handedly breaks the game and the point of having any other weapons at all) and 0 if you're feeling lazy.

Last but by no means least... once again... you STILL lose 3 lives from falling in a pit. If this was a new game I'd be more generous but these minor changes you're passing off as 'sequels' are starting to feel more like beta testing you're paying no attention to your feedback for. I would have given this a 5 out of 10 but then I noticed something else, WHY change the sword weapon and helmet enemy to a lol omg it's Halo reference? What purpose does that serve apart from showing you're a halo fanboy? -_-


for the help ; )

try something new

Serously, this is getting old. I like the energy sword and the bomb, other than that, this is just getting ridiculous. Seriously, I love this series, but I am tired of playing through what seems like the same game over and over again, with even the same controls that are still annoying. I agree with dishonestabe 150%. Make more improvements before 4. Seriously