Reviews for "The Real Crashers"

Please Tom!

Update the current castle crasher models to THIS


Holy mother fucking shit this is awesome!!!
I played the games of them on Newgrounds and it's pretty cool.
Man, this is the shit and I think I may have jizzed myself.

Power Rangers lol

Ice, lightning, poison, fire, and pink umbrella.


Just perfect.. that's just about the only word to describe it.. Perfect.. The Orange Knight just seems to be all like "Me Angry.. Me SMASH!!" And the Green Knight.. Oh god the Green Knight.. He just.. Is demonic.. The blue knight does indeed look like a Viking with a calm demeanor. The Red Knight seems like a Sith Lord with all the Lightning though. That's just my review. Everything I Just said it a POSITIVE comment!


it's like an unwritten law that every artist on NG has to be involved in some sort of castle crashers creation.

very nice here. i'm really likeing your artistic style.

as always, green is my fav. YAY POISON NECROMANCER!!! good show, Kevin Bacon.