Reviews for "The Real Crashers"

Good luck on making the calendar

In the meantime, improve.

Very unique and i like it

I dont know why ppl havent review you that much so I decided to add. Anyways if you dont get teh calender entry i hope ppl recognize ur hard work ^-^

Nekow responds:

if I would get front-paged then the numbers would start rolling
And Im not very nervous about the calendar, if I don't get in, well at least it was fun and my skills improved more

I like it it quite good

i pay homage to you for thumbnail nice work like to see what else you pproduced and will produce in the future


awesome work but i know you tried to get more views by using the woman as a thumbnail, shoulda had a boob thumbnail it works better but seriously the effort shows

Nekow responds:

what was I thinking, duh!