Reviews for "The Real Crashers"


Love castle crashers, and love this pic *.*.

Very nice!

Unlike the others, this one truly shows each knights unique features. Though one thing to point out, the pink knights right arm looks abnormal, besides that I think it kinda shows their personality. Good work!

Nekow responds:

it was really rushed so theres bound to be lots of mistakes


Why do i get the feeling that im looking at an album cover for some random metal group... Had to get that off my chest.
...hmm then again maybe some weird japanese visual-key group...
...very band-ish for some reason...

Nice work tho. I came here for the tits in the thumbnail tho.
Keep it chill.


this is obviusly, obviously how castle crashers were ment to look....but animating this would be a bit** and a half


All that details and lighting are so awesome :] That how cutle crushers should looks like :D Except pink knight :P He's transy...not a woman :P