Reviews for "The Real Crashers"

Epic work of myth and whatnot

But wasn't pink knight meant to be a gay dude?


Hahaha xD


i really like how the blue one looks a little like a viking with the fur-coat.


You details don't cease to amaze. The fire rising up from orange knight's neck is not something you notice on the first look. =D I really enjoyed the individual characteristics, particularly blue and orange's more individualized (can be substituted with ridiculously awesome) getups. The greatest/most hilarious part about this drawing though has to be the fact that the focus of the thumbnail is directly on the girl's bosom *face palm* (yes I said bosom. It's a fantasy piece why not?). Excellent work over all. Keep it up. =]

Nekow responds:

Ashman told me to do it! *facepalm*


i love the game and im the red one and did i mention this is bloody briliant