Reviews for "Mercenaries 2"


ace game- it had a bit of everything and it was so good that that at the end of the first level i thought 'damn its just a demo' and... it wasnt.... so yeah, awesomesauce.

mercs2 :D

play the real game ppl its absolotly worth your time and mony if u like or love gta4 youlla love mercs2

good game

f* the guys who are jealous that this is a good game. maybe you have taken some ideas from other games, but that doesn't mean that you can't try to do the same thing with your own code...

lots of typos in the game too, but overall it was a pretty high quality game imo


Great game

But what do you expect from a game developer :P. I ran rather well on my computer with medium graphics so I was impressed. For every one woundering what the song is. It is called "Oh no(you didn't)" you can get a free download of the song on Mercs2 website.


Great game, but it was way short =P
Anyway good job.