Reviews for "Mercenaries 2"

omfg so cool

SWEET game man :D

idc where this came from

this game if off the hook and i loved it lol it was pretty cool i did play some of the other games before this was great though i did like it also the song for mercenaries 2 is off the chain and that was i think possibly the full song dont know but gj who ever did this.


OH MY GOD THIS IS SO AWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSOOOOOOO MMMEEEE P.S.whats that guys name?please awnser me in a response!

Great game overall.

I loved how it had the elements of other games while still keeping the originality.
The only thing is that people need to realize this isn't Mercenaries 2. It's just a small promotional game made by Pandemic.


Very fun. excellent graphics for a game with its type of genre!