Reviews for "Mercenaries 2"

pretty good game

but waaaaay to short


Was a very sweet game. I only ranked it 8/10 because of how short it was.. How do I acquire the (Your mother should have told you, not to stare there...) achievement?
Looking forward to another game, only longer this time....

hey omg listen

they made a game of this! lol i got it

Fun and simple

Good music, very easy gameplay, but not as difficult as I was expecting. The choppers are underpowered and don't evade realistically, and the chopper on level one is just pathetic. The fact that you have one weapon with powerups and 10 grenades per level does little to improve this game's overall rating. It is fun, but not very exciting.


i dont know how to say this but gago lang ang mag eenjoy nitobut it also goodpls incresae the graphicsand the enemy choppers helathin lvl3