Reviews for "Mercenaries 2"


In addition to the awesome song, this was a great game! I loved the controls!
The only problem, was that the bosses could be a tad tougher!

Other than that, a lot of people have been asking about the "Hasn't your Mother ever told you not to look there" or whatever Medal.

To do it, go to the sniper level, and move your cursor to the top left. Then scope in on the middle of the sun. You will become blinded for a second.
The medal is yours!


This game is cool!
I have the game on the computer and ist a bit slow.

asome game

it is asome... but ¡need better quality


I guess its pretty good. I like the shooting action, but all I don't like is how hard it is at times. Other than all that, its good!


the game is good just like the story.