Reviews for "Mercenaries 2"

very good game

is the song on the audio portal

1 prob

i cant shoot. i tried old school which i prefered and the shootin' button doesnt work. L/Z doesnt work in this game!!

As good as the Orignal!

The Good: Really good game, its just like the full game.
The Bad: Only took me 10 Minutes to finish :(
The Ugly: Mattias XD

cool game

pretty cool game, nice gameplay and graphics, not to hard, acutallly it was kind of easy especially the boss :P i also found it funny that at the sniper lvl i fired 13 shots but my hit rate was 15 and my percent hit was 115 :P

Great game!

I really like the gameplay of this game and how great the graphics are! It just helps so much that there are many different styles and weapons to choose from! My favorite would probably be the ground area as it is the easiest to move around there. It was just fun picking up fuel in the tank or shooting everyone while running. I could tell this was made in the style of the "Metal Slug" series, and it is quite loyal. It is just those so fun to figure out where the missiles with hit the next target.