Reviews for "The Final Battle--_--"

First off the beat...

...twas a really juicy one, the bassdrum really pounded my eardrums good, thatone goes out to Jarrydn, of course.

And as fo the rest of the short battle song, its a very good compostion and feel extremley battle-ish indeed. It´s fast, and things really are going down indeed. The intro with the pizzicato and the aaaah thingy going on created a great expectation for the listener (me). The "efefcts" and bells in the song made it really full and powerfull. Great job here, Z! Its a 5!



That's neat. Metal drums with orchestral music. I like...


I Liked It. I Wish I Heard It All Day At Breakfast Lunch And Dinner!


Needs to be extended. But good song. A++++

i love this tasty lick XD

this is very epic makes me want to play call of duty finest hour!!!!!! thanks for this i have the itch to download it! screw it im downloading it ;3

PERVOK responds:

Thanks :) Sorry I never turned this into a full song!