Reviews for "The Final Battle--_--"


i cant beleave this you have made 247 song that is soo cool.... the is good i like it

PERVOK responds:

I actually made over 300, if you count all my alternate accounts :D

Thanks for the review!

First off the beat...

...twas a really juicy one, the bassdrum really pounded my eardrums good, thatone goes out to Jarrydn, of course.

And as fo the rest of the short battle song, its a very good compostion and feel extremley battle-ish indeed. It´s fast, and things really are going down indeed. The intro with the pizzicato and the aaaah thingy going on created a great expectation for the listener (me). The "efefcts" and bells in the song made it really full and powerfull. Great job here, Z! Its a 5!



Great, and loops well.

This would sound so good with some fat orchestral samples. Or maybe just bring the overall volume up a bit? It sounds a little soft. But, you still get my 5!


Nice work man, cool tune. The bells are giving this one the word. Give it 4/5.

Very Nice!

Those trumpets really do make a statement don't they. You're really good at what you do -ZENON-. Keep it up. Short and sweet.

I love all your music and your style. Think you could slop something together that is sort of like a warfare type trance beat? I'm in an AA (America's Army)[www.AmericasArmy.com] Gaming Clan and we've been searching for some great music for an intro video. There really isn't anything on Newgrounds that has a warfare feel to it and who knows, it could be a hit.

Keep up the awesome work -ZENON-. I'll always have your Audio Portfolio on Newgrounds as a Bookmark in Firefox. :P