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Reviews for "Wave Warrior EXE1(Edited)"

good work

fantastic job with the interface, but as you already know the grammar could use a little work. can't wait for the second installment.

Arthuria99 responds:


its good but a little hard

yea the second battle of the movie is a little harder then i expected it to be. there is still a few problems with the typing. i liked the fact that it was an interactive type of movie.

Arthuria99 responds:

hell yea'
but the second battle is not the hardest one
the last battle in this episode is more difficult than the other
but u can ask me the tips how to beat the battle
instead of giving me bad score in ur reviewT_T

pretty good

i c that u fixed the bad grammar, good job on that!

Arthuria99 responds:

thanks dude


You say you fixed the grammar problems? Ooooh, no you didn't. The very first thing that Tails says is wrong. "Wait it! Sonic!". Wat's that even supposed to mean?
I think you meant to put "Wait up, Sonic!". Geez, learn English, then make a flash.

Arthuria99 responds: