Reviews for "Bitmap Turret Defence"


great game but it had a difficulty curve like running head first into a brick wall

Good, but needs tweaking

The game itself is very good, but your interface leaves quite a lot to be desired. When clicking on a turret, take away the double click for upgrade function. Half the time I upgraded a tower I only wanted to look at, and the other half I could not properly select the correct tower. Apart from that, solid.

Fun game

I have to agree with Skuffdproductions. It's a fun turret game, although one of your problems is the Android Assassin level. Didn't bother me too much(then again, I'm not one for observing those kinds of details). One of the problems that was more noticeable was the tutorial. The basic instructions of how to play the game were there, but I'm confused on how to obtain(or in this case, research)new lasers. I also didn't learn that each of the lasers had a certain range until about the third level. Of course then again, that might just be me.

Cool game

I like turret games, but unfortunately some on newgrounds arent good enough to play for any amount of time, yours is, however, I was instantly hooked and as the first tower defense game I've seen with sprites for enemies, I congratulate you from straying away from the pack of crudely drawn bad-guys that appear from time to time. I would've given you 10 stars, however, as soon I got to the "Android assassin" level, I found the difficulty a tad higher than is should've been, purely because of the speed and sheer amount of enemies on screen, I have no problems with hard games, I love a challenge, but I think maybe you could've saved the higher difficulty levels until later on, when the player is earning enough gold to buy better weapons, upgrades. Next time you make a tower defense game (if you do), may I suggest that you try turning down the difficulty until later levels.


That was pretty cool.