Reviews for "Bitmap Turret Defence"

minor glitch!

i'm unsure of how to disable right click or stop it from doing this or whatever, but if, when you press 'start' and it goes onto the path screen, right click, press 'back' then click 'start' again.
and vamoosh. y'see what happens?
if not, take a look at your gold and score.
if still nothing, you did it wrong.
although not including the cheat, great game. 15/15.

Quite enjoyed it.

However is there an end? I got to level 70 and was bored by that point (was bored by 45 but wanted to see if there was an end. At 70 I just gave up as I could spam most levels without worrying about lives (and was earning enough that I have 120 lives to spare anyway). And that was without cheating. By that stage the amount of turrets and enemies on screen were making this pc lag horribly.

Also I found a glitch. Somehow I managed to have a turret I couldn't move delete or do anything with, or even select, that was just to the left of the turrets selection screen, it repeatedly flashed the growing red circles (like when you select a turret on the field but like you repeatedly selected it). that circle covered the laser turret option and meant I couldn't select that turret to build any more.

not bad

Still leaves a few things to be desired though.

Upgrade prices I found to be a little steep, and some levels were not properly balanced. The Swarm killed me, unfortunately.

Another issue was the display on the right side - I found it difficult to understand exactly how much damage my turrets were doing, so that needs to be rearranged.

And something that shows us what's coming in the next few levels would be cool.

Was pretty good

I liked the enemy types. They were made very well. This was a defence game that had a nice balance and it wasn't too hard for me. I got about 15000 points before dying. Keep up the good work.


That was really fun but i found a glitch to get unlimited money but im not telling
>:) (pm me if you wanna know)

Aforshaw responds:

Ah yes, I need to know how to deactivate some of the right-menu options tbh - is there a way to do that easily?