Reviews for "Bitmap Turret Defence"

weird game(hard)

man this game wos weird. It wos pretty hard coz the airborne enemies were strong so id give that game a 2.5/5. =]

(pretty bad game lol)

I rly dont like air...

AIR SUCKED the rest of the game 8/10 hell...if there wasnt air.....id give it a 10

Not actually that good.

I've seen everything in here before, but that's not why I'm rating it down. Your game is wayyyyyyyyyyyy off balance. There is a major glitch in the pre-loader too.

Work on balancing the game, then make a sequel.

Aforshaw responds:

I cant really take anyone seriously who gives a game zero marks!


Lol i actually liked this ...

its original

really nice

this is almost as good as desktop tower defense! I especially like thhe animated characters.