Reviews for "J.S. Bach Fugue Game"


I have never seen anything like this before, it was very entertaining. I can't wait for the next one.


finally some sophistication to newgrounds

thankyou sir


As a music nerd, I loved that game. I'd just say it was too easy. =P

I liked the game but...

I felt that listening to the whole fugue just got tedious. After getting the third correct mark I started clicking on everything else to see what the flash did. If it were me I'd probably only play like 1 min of one song if there are repeats that fast and move on to another. Anyhow gave you a 10 as I love music and love educational pieces.


Your concept is unique, fresh, and original.

I must say that it is quite refreshing to see someone use flash in a new, creative fashion to produce a marvelous game from a brilliant concept. Your instructions were straight forward and I am happy to have been perusing the site when this was submitted.

As another reviewer suggested, the only improvement this game needs is a larger body of content. It seems that this was produced to kind of test how the newgrounds audience might react to this game and therefore you presented to us the core concept.

What I would love to see is a complete game. I believe having many more songs, different levels of difficulty, and rewards after successful completion of a level would take this concept and lift it into the skies of a revolutionary idea.

Thank you.