Reviews for "The Last Hour: Chapter 10"


It was cool and i thought the animation was good and good humor. Nice if it was a bit longer.

Jaiba responds:

it was 3 minutes. much longer than the previous ones, this one had a bit of humor. thanks for watching.


the idea is really nice, but you have some fakes in your drawing and animation.
Like when the pilot or the aliens walking, its looks like they stuck or somthing.
moreover, the spaceship, the planet, and the space, is all too empty.

Jaiba responds:

good suggestions we will work to improve it on our next season.

You have some potential

While your art isn't half bad your main problem lies in the script, the story is flat no plot and little intrigue and machine like dialogue. Still the animationd not bad, keep it up.

Jaiba responds:

we will work on the plot and voice acting. thanks for watching


not bad not bad could use some work

Jaiba responds:

yes it can. thanks for review

I was

impressed on the improvement on the artwork and animation, but you discredited yourself. With a plot as serious as this humour is only nice for breaks from long action or seriousness, but with this series, thats not a problem. Don't get lazy, when a human runs or walks, the whole body moves, not just the legs and the knees should bend more. It seemed the american guy's accent changed halfway through the finale and I stopped taking it seriously after the whole chinese thing (and no I'm not chinese). This is how the rest of your series should have looked and an intro would have been nice THIS time to catch everyone up, but only a brief recap of the season and not a "whats about to happen" like in your other chapters. I'll give this a 3.5, but round down bc your not at a 4 yet, but this is SOO much more than what I expected from just watching chapters 2-9.

Jaiba responds:

thanks i have yet to improve. we will work on our animation, and voice acting. one of my fellow crew members is chinese, and that i just how he talks