Reviews for "The Last Hour: Chapter 10"


The voice acting was funny... pretty good overall

haha much better man

once again i dont understand whats going but thats hardly your fault. this was a really good flash, I enjoyed it. The animation is looking quite clean and proffesional. i was really impressed.

and the audio was great. from the western level of timesplitters im guessing? well anyway it was awesome and even sort of insync with the flash. Im gonna add this to my favourites and one day ill watch the whole series. i dont have much to criticze you on actually. the voice acting was actually ok but could use a little touching up.

keep making em



Good job, that was awesome. Keep on improving, i'll be sure to watch the rest of the series as usual.

as usual i really liked it

still too short though, i know ive said it b4 but if you could stream them together it would be better, i really like what youve done though, sorta the bible meets star wars:)

as for thwalking...

For the walking, one way you could make it look better is to move the backround at the same rate the legs are moving.