Reviews for "Infection Game"

good game

i dint really expect to be ranked 5 this day lol

Ending wave: 942

Yes, I gave it a 10, but I almost felt like I was about to fall asleep (that is, if I didn't have to keep activating the smart bomb and freeze ray and all the other stuff)

A game that keeps you on your toes while giving you repetitiveness.

upgrades can be maxed is a bad idea...nice game

i only got to 385 -_-''' it gets too fast ...

you should make more upgrades

like, uhmm.... damage upgrade(permenant) and attack type( like more instead of 1 bullets < oso permenant > or maybe like beam blasters or rocket launcher) and uhmm... atk rate upgrade ( no maximum ) .. and all upgrade shouldnot be have maximum... then it should be nicer.. in my opinion... only mine...not all opinion...

got to wave 569

then i got bored -_- by then 'that power up is already maxed!' in the middle of the screen is annoying, and theres nothing left to upgrade.
good thing you didnt make a way to fix your shields, i only got hit 2 or 3 times, and i could've kept going a LOT longer


colorful...kinda fun...everything getting kinda fast...chaos!...colors flashing!...mashing buttons!...SOME MANY COLORS!...BODY SEIZING!...CAN'T STOP PLAYING!!!...FALLING OUT OF SEAT!!!...EVERYTHING! getting dark...mouth won't stop foaming...call...for...hlp... *twitch* *wiggle* *flop*