Reviews for "super mario office: 1"


I LOLed....so thats good enough.

conormiller1 responds:



I do like it, keep up the good work

conormiller1 responds:

i will, i am currently working on the next episode so look out for it and if you miss it when it's on the front page just type
"super mario office: 2"

Hehe, Interresting !

A flash in a flash... It's an interresting idea !... the both flash are funny too.

conormiller1 responds:

lol, i saw the 'dumbass luigi' video on newgrounds and the idea came to me XD


Well, it had a few problems, like backgrounds disappearing and what not, but I actually found it to be quite clever, and the sprites, well, I'm a fan of sprites so good job there.

The sound effects were good, maybe just a few too many but nothing serious. And the whole "Flash in a flash" idea was pretty wicked, so, I liked it. Maybe a few tweaks here and there, but I think it's pretty good.

Not Bad!

I liked the movie a lot (especially the part with the movie in the movie) The one thing I'd change though is to have a loading bar for the preloader, and to have the start button clearly marked.