Reviews for "super mario office: 1"

Okay! In a good way!

This video was accually not bad! It required no loading! That's good. But I hope more effort is made in this author's later videos.


Not the best thing ive seen but pretty good. Keep up the good work!


it does make you laugh so... are you gonna make more?

Pretty good.

That was pretty good. The sprite handling was alright. You might want to work on drawing backgrounds though, but other than that it was pretty good.

conormiller1 responds:

sorry about that, should i put more detail in?


hmmmm i was on the brink of laughing but i never quite made it, interesting concept, but i think it couldv'e been better, i didn't find anything to be funny, and since the art wasn't too great i don't think this was too great of a presentation. I think it would be cool if you used bowser as the boss instead, it would make sense since he's the boss of the game, and if mario and luigi were slacking off he would get really pissed and they would run off screaming i dunno just throwin that out there

conormiller1 responds:

i wanted to make it a parody though, it's funnier if luigi and mario are being bossed around by a goomba because they're usually 'killing' goombas.