Reviews for "iPumpkin"

penid snake!

the ONLY reason im givring a 10/10 is because i cant stop laughing at the snakes THEY ARE VAINY ELONGATED male genitalia this is an obivous joke

Touch Critic Review #29

The hell kind of shit am i playing?! I feel like i just had Kilinia


Average game. I like it. I like the variety of enemies and that you don't always get to use the pumpkin juice. However, It's nothing new. The boss was way too easy for a boss. Oh, and dumbasses, there is a plot. The pumpkin god stole your pumkins and you work your way to him and kick his ass. Think of it this way: replace the pumpkin god with Bowser and the pumkins with Princess Peach. The same plot type applies.

well then...

that was pretty awful


ok... a plotline would be nice