Reviews for "iPumpkin"

The cheaters always prosper

It's a fun game in it's own respect, but level 46 was giving me hell so I quit .

In case nobody notice once you die you can still move your character with the painting mouse feature. so in other words you can just kill yourself rite off the bat and use your mouse to direct you through the level.

super easy

hey guys if u die than just draw a line after u die and just draw it to the pumpkin its as simple as that except when the game doesnt let u draw that parts retarded but yeah just draw a line after u die


the game is way to easy until level 15

a small note to everybody

to get past the first level you have to DRAW A LINE WITH YOUR MOUSE!!

ok????? so no more flaming please.

Game Basics...

... are not applied.
The first level is supposed to be easy and fun. Not as hard as this one. I tried like 50 times and still couldn't make the jump... Either the gap should have been smaller, or the jump should have been better. And about that running animation in the intro, it was odd, but you could see that he was running. I'd say make some improvements, and try again.

You could also watch other running animations, and get an idea of how they do it.

Anyhow, since I couldn't get past the first jump I can't judge any further. Maybe an sound on/off button to be added? But I'll give you 4 stars for the effort, though improvements have to be made!