Reviews for "iPumpkin"


this is a really good game!

really liked it

real good grafiks and the best part:you dont need to be alive to win a level!

Okay ... I guess

in some respects it's a spin off of Indiana Jones I mean snakes, skeletons, and big
things now I get the phrase " I Hate Snakes " also if you die on the levels when
you can paint the lines you can use the paint to lift yourself up and to the finish
( you might want to patch things up for the next one ) other than those things good job an original game ( not movie ) I like the graphics okay plot


I like the concept, but the gameplay was more annoying than fun. Being able to walk on lines you draw is pretty cool.

Why snakes? Why ONLY snakes?

lol it aint that easy

its stupid
you die, and if you push him with a line, and he gets to the pumpkin, you win.