Reviews for "iPumpkin"


challenging, i love games that make me think! thanx!

Stupid Snakes! Stupid Spikes!!

I friggin love this!! XD It's one of the best games that I've ever played!! I only got to level 12 b'cuz I got pissed off at the spikes and all the friggin snakes T.T STUPID SNAKES!! STUPID OROCHIMARU!!...sorry..that last one was random ^_^" BUT HE'S ...actually a snake...ok anyway. This game, rocked!! I was so..O_O WOW!! Ha Ha. I loved it though. I didn't even get the whole game until I found out that the snakes moved -sweatdrop- I was like "Holy Shit!! The snakes...THEY MOVE!! AHH!! IT BIT ME T.T" Ha Ha!....and the spikes..well..let's just say, that I think my pumpkin man needs to be sown back together..T.T Ok. Lol. Welp! I love it!! XD Oh, and did you seriously have to make the snakes be so..oh i don't know...SMART!?! Lol. THey...were eating me T.T Were they vipors? lol. THey sounded like it..I think ^_^" Ha Ha. Ok, well, Ja Ne!

in response...

In response to two reviews, A) you dont have to sit through the intro, so thats a very annoying review. Second, to the person who said "You shouldn't have to redraw the lines just for falling". If you've ever played a game this style, you would know that that is the point. you screw up, you start over.
I thought the game was pretty well done myself. The only issue i saw was the spikes. if you block it off with a wall you make, it still kills you within a few more pixels. other than that, it was well done, and a good idea. It was entertaining and fun, and I hope you plan to continue your work.

iso kay

kinda blah but not horrible!


I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! LVL 29 was the hardest, by far.