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Reviews for "Paint-Ball"


Lovin The Game Andy Its amazing, Make The Plucky Chicken One :L

fun but can b hard

ppl who have a crappy pc it wont run smothly

andy70707 responds:

uhh, yeah, I guess so.....

Not much to it, but what is there is okay.

This game is a strange one. When I first played it only let me view the instructions for a few seconds before it skipped right to the game. The enemies move slightly too fast and there are too many things for them to hide behind. Apart from that it's pretty decent. Good luck in all your future projects :)

andy70707 responds:

I have no Idea why the instructions only appear for a few seconds. Its just 1 frame with a stop action. If it just flickered for 1 frame, I could understand that, but it shows for about 5 seconds. Really strange.

Could be better

Not a bad game, and certainly a new concept. Only problem is that at first the targets move too fast, but after the first time around you realize they follow the same exact pattern every pass. All you have to do is wait for the head to pop up or whatever and shoot 'em.

andy70707 responds:

Yeah, I was going to make it random movement, but that would take too long.

Decent, but poorly executed

The game was lacking real substance, but it wasn't all that bad.

Suggested areas of Improvement:

*Smoother animation
-The characters moved too quickly to get any kind of shot off

*Better sound
-The audio just wasn't exciting at all and could use work. Perhaps give the gamer the option of choosing different songs?

*More substance
-Give the gamer more levels which get progressively harder instead of just one really tough level and a restart to the menu.

Overall, I thought it was decent

andy70707 responds:

It is supposed to be realistic, but thanks for all the ideas.