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Reviews for "Paint-Ball"

its a start

Good things, initial game play was smooth. Graphics were intended.

Things that need work.
paintballs that have been shot need to fade
Paintball impacts need to splatter more
Targets need to react when you hit them.
Replay glitch needs to be fixed.
"Get the high score" games need to be longer and have a high score board.

andy70707 responds:

I did consider making them fade, and splattered more, but I couldn't get them to change colour, sp I used API. I did consider putting in highscores, but I really didn't have much time.

Could be better

Not a bad game, and certainly a new concept. Only problem is that at first the targets move too fast, but after the first time around you realize they follow the same exact pattern every pass. All you have to do is wait for the head to pop up or whatever and shoot 'em.

andy70707 responds:

Yeah, I was going to make it random movement, but that would take too long.

Not a usual paintball game

The enemies are too fast to hit, the graphies suck, and the enemies don't even shoot you. Next time try harder!!!

andy70707 responds:

I spent about an hour drawing the ememies, and another hour for everything else, actually. Also, there would be no point in the enemies shooting you, its paintbball, so you can't have lives, or health, so the enemies shooting you would just be stupid. Apart from maybee covering up parts of the screen so you can't see.

too fast

the enemies are too fast 4 u to shoot them and when u c the enemies u don't hav enough time 4 u to react b4 they disappear again sry to say this but a 1/10

andy70707 responds:

Its supposed to be hard. If this was a real paintball game, people aren't gonna stand around for ages so its easy for them to get shot.


Too glitchy :(
but if it wasn't it would be a fun game
so 4 stars

andy70707 responds:

I couldn't find any glitches when testing it, but apparently the instructions only show up for a short time, and theres a "replay glitch"