Reviews for "~Delta~ Rain Forest (Remix)"

Getting better, one song at a time :]

Dude you seriously hit the nail right on the head with this track! Your drums are enchanting, The leads are perfect, I love your use of delay/ reverb decay, the builds/ drops are amazing, and the mixing mastering is right on!

You could seriously get something this good on Anjunabeats IMO! :]]

...Need I say more?...

Amazing work my friend :]
(Can't wait to collab Simon, we're gonna smash some faces :])


-Review Request Club-


u never dissapoint i love ur stuff. maybe we shud start a new collab :P or continue massacre. idc up to u. but id love to have on my EP


Pretty good stuff, nice to see this got on the front page


I loved the rhythm it gave that techno/serious feeling you get when you are playing an amazing video game on the epic last boss

i dont think i ever did a proper review on this now did i?
anyways, to the start!
~you start off good with the right signature, i can clearly hear its Rainforest in an instant!
~the chords then rapidly yet slowly start to gain more and more which i totally love in a tune like this
~i can not say your mastering is perfect..but darn it, those percs and hats fit like a monkey and banana
~the sudden expected break around 1.20 is.. sudden? i guess lol but i totally love it when you get back at the love kickdrum, pluck and bass.
~recognizable build up again, sounds like the intro but with more attitude, more body!
~Lovely build around 3.50 again! and wow.. after it.. you tease us like fucking animals! :)
shame it doesnt last too long, but maybe its best not to lol
ive been doing some re-edits too in the past but they never ever passed your version, which is almost excellent in my honest opinion!

again, thanks for the lovely teases and lovely remix! ;)