Reviews for "~Delta~ Rain Forest (Remix)"

Great song, lacking in the mixdown

I love the melodies, so reminiscent of Jaded by Deadmau5, infact the perc loop is exactly the same, which is a good thing because I love that song. The only tip i can think of doing is widening the pads and other less important sounds in the mix to clear up the middle of the mix for the smooth drop, which imo is lacking in the bass department, maybe and a subbass lowpassed at 130 so it doesn't overwhelm the bass and then sidechain that to your kick. Also try bussing all your drums into one chain and warming them up with multiband compression and subtle EQing. Just remember, to tidy up the mix you have to be surgical with the EQ, and subtract ALL unwanted frequencies, use an spectrum analyser to do this and your ears as well. Best of luck, i'd send this to a label if I were you :)

aliaspharow responds:

Oh shit i didn't even notice that. I got it off vengeance. I should probably change it :P

Fantasy Sound

Perfect background music for just about any video game out there.

Great remix!

Really love the samples for the percussion.
Also everything flows very well together, the side chain is evident, but handled well.
Great job remixing the melody and the layering of the synths creates a great depth.
The bassline is mastered very well also.
At 1:57 I recognize some sounds, but from then on it sounds very professional.
Nice track.
Favoriting for sure.


u never dissapoint i love ur stuff. maybe we shud start a new collab :P or continue massacre. idc up to u. but id love to have on my EP

Getting better, one song at a time :]

Dude you seriously hit the nail right on the head with this track! Your drums are enchanting, The leads are perfect, I love your use of delay/ reverb decay, the builds/ drops are amazing, and the mixing mastering is right on!

You could seriously get something this good on Anjunabeats IMO! :]]

...Need I say more?...

Amazing work my friend :]
(Can't wait to collab Simon, we're gonna smash some faces :])


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