Reviews for "Cock Joke?"

Lol thats cool

yeah he`s is , oh wait he was writh people go out or do somerhing else but make something with out a Pc im reading a book when i take my pc out what do you do?

junipe responds:

um pk i dont quite understand what your saying but im glad you like my flash :3

Finally :D

Finally a video that makes
perfect sense, and that true.
Great animation to.
I liked it, keep it up, the good work. :]

junipe responds:

thanks! but the truth is i think i used waaaaay to many tweens and are beings ashemed.


indubitably.... kast line the best one :D good work

junipe responds:

....indoubitoubly.... i cant spell for shit

dude brilliant job

i loved the characters man, the art rocked. im just sorry about my voice, i could have been much cleaner on the monologue.


there is funny! and there is a good lesson in it.