Reviews for "Cock Joke?"

great concept, dude.

the video was all around funny, and it made great points. entertainment is really just cocks, and don't get me wrong, i enjoy a good cock joke as good as the next guy, but 95% of them aren't even well thought out, or funny. they're just fucking cocks. but i'm glad you made your point, and weren't a fag about it.


indubitably.... kast line the best one :D good work

junipe responds:

....indoubitoubly.... i cant spell for shit


pretty good, I liked it :D

junipe responds:

i liked it too :D

the best part of waking up is this flash in your..

cup. seriously, it was well written, props

junipe responds:

im glad you like the wrighting

Finally :D

Finally a video that makes
perfect sense, and that true.
Great animation to.
I liked it, keep it up, the good work. :]

junipe responds:

thanks! but the truth is i think i used waaaaay to many tweens and are beings ashemed.