Reviews for "Cock Joke?"


This is your first flash!? OMG! Awesome! (This is how these rumors start. Anyways, good job! You should see a therapist about that cock joke envy.)

junipe responds:

this isnt my first flash its my first flash with API!!!!!!!

good job

it was funny but short but really good for a first flash great job just touch up on your skills and youl be makin really good movies i like your character style to

junipe responds:

thanks... but this... isnt my first flash


i totally agree with him in every sense that he says. get off your screen and lounge chair and do something else.

I thought

I would be more suprised by a submission that is front paged but meh, didnt touch me that much, only it had a certain flow but i found things funnier then those, it was not bad too! Good luck and don't quit because of my comment, i'm just saying this as a little short that need better development!

Also, voices werent that good, just so you know!

I like it...

refreshing err... original idea/concept
Good point challenging the clinches of newgrounds
Hope to see more from you