Reviews for "Cock Joke?"


there is funny! and there is a good lesson in it.

dude brilliant job

i loved the characters man, the art rocked. im just sorry about my voice, i could have been much cleaner on the monologue.


It's true, they did try to warn him. Do not interrupt a cock joke: you will be shot. LOL I'm not familiar with some flash terms, so what exactly is api? But regardless, I enjoyed your movie and was very entertained.

junipe responds:

api is like the sistem were you run adds during the movies preloader

Nice twist on the oh so popular cock joke

The monologue was fun to sit through.
The last bit of humor with the three other guys was very stale.
It was only a few seconds but it was of course, the punch line of the joke.
I feel this is still a nicely done flash with great ideas that indicate you have a future.


is this done in JUST api or is it animation too?

anyway this was pretty funny I'd have to say