Reviews for "Dungeons of Gryndior"


This game could be the next "I Wanna Be the Guy"

Jibbix responds:

I love that game so much you have no idea :D

I couldn't escape the dungeons of gryndior

I got killed by Bill Cosby :(

For God's Sake

Include a way to restart the game without x-ing out of the window and restarting it manually. Now, while in theory I support a Kirby tribute that has him flinging arrow-shaped turds left and right and being crushed to death by a giant image of Bill Cosby, in practice it only led to misery. You need to find a balance between obstacles that are impossible to avoid and obstacles that can be avoided simply by mashing the right arrow.

Damn bill cosby

LOL I got killed by the giant Bill Cosby picture this game is pretty funny.

like others have said.

I think it could be a fun little game, but there are just too many bugs to be fixed.
1.) I had to open it a few times before it roked after clicking Play.
2.) If you die, it doesn't restart or go back to the begginning or anything.
3.) The programming isn't entirely smooth, like sometimes the character will fall down to the next step before the one he's on has ended.
So yeah, once these problems are fixed, l think it would be fun.