Reviews for "Dungeons of Gryndior"


don't know if its just me, or you still have more bugs to fix. I loaded this up 5 times and still get the same thing. What looks to be stairs.......and that about it. It loaded up fine but then after clicking on play all I get is these stairs thing.....just a pic to me that just doesn't make sence.


Well, it was a good game; I'll say that much. But if you get to the third area and go into that dollar sign, you're pretty much stuck. I hit every button on my keyboard, and moved around my mouse and everything, and there's absolutely no escaping that thing. So it would be a better game if that was fixed. ^^;


The money kills you? And how about a replay botton?

I don't know why...

...but I had a lot of fun playing this. 10 for excitement!